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Musical Bouquet

Musical Bouquet

This unique piece of artwork features a stunning combination of natural and recycled elements. The centerpiece of the artwork is a dried flower bouquet, which has been expertly arranged and tied together with twine. The bouquet is set against a shimmering, burgundy floral background, which adds depth and texture to the piece.

To add even more interest and dimension, the artist has incorporated upcycled sheet music into the design. The sheet music has been cut and arranged in a way that complements the natural beauty of the dried flowers.

The artwork is displayed in a 9x9 shadowbox frame, which allows the viewer to fully appreciate the three-dimensional nature of the piece. The shadowbox frame also adds a sense of depth and drama to the artwork, making it a stunning addition to any home or office.

Overall, this artwork is a beautiful example of the ways in which natural and recycled materials can be combined to create something truly unique and captivating.

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    Small (3.5"x4.87") $5
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    Dried Flower Cards $10

    All cards made with quality cardstock & a cute, color coordinated envelope.

Customer Review

Colorful, bright, brilliant greeting cards for every occasion. You will love LT Designs so much you'll want to keep them for yourself (like I did)!

- Rose G.

Commissioned cards & art? Yes!

Contact me with any requests. A specific length of sobriety, a custom made card with recipient's name or an abstract watercolor, let's create it!